Wildlife Mod Updates

The Wildlife Mod Updates!

Hey everyone, we have the Wildlife Mod updates! Unfortunately, we haven’t decided them yet. But Raven is the judge of the NTA page. You can apply for these positions!

Wildlife Info Manager – keeps up the Wildlife Ranks to date (e.g. declare kits extinct)
Name That Apprentice Manager – judges the NTA and posts every week (Raven)
2 Chat Moderators – Moderates the chat and opens it
2 Moderators – Moderate comments (Raven)


  1. 5 new members will be chosen soon 🙂 The chat mods will be trained by me because I’m The live Chat manager 🙂

    1. Also, when I try to reset the password, it doesn’t let me, so I had to make a new account (haven’t made it yet)

    2. As said before, it doesn’t let me reset the password- it says my account username/email doesn’t exist 😛

    3. Yeah I can 🙂
      It might be difficult on my iPad but I’ll try
      (Can’t join the chat sadly because I should go begin the day I legit just woke up, bad me 😛 )

    4. i’m in class . The chat will be opened this evening if you want to join later . The chat thats open now will close when the bell rings

    5. I’ll have to make a new account later oof because my iPad is stupid 😛 I should go, byeeeee

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