Chat rules

  1. If anything happens on the live chat and a mod isn’t on ( we most likely will be ) message one of the mods .
  2. No swearing of any kind except warrior swears , if you do anything other then warrior swearing you’ll be banned from the chat right away and banned for as long as we choose to .
  3. No sockpuppeting. That is when you create new accounts to avoid punishment.
  4. Respect the mods if they tell you to stop doing something you’d better stop right away
  5. NO spamming the live chat , if you do the mods will ban you for as long as we choose you.
  6. Caught breaking any of these rules automatic ban for as long as we choose to

thanks for following the rules

– Thistletooth manager of the Wildlife team .


  1. Thistle, what about minor words like h*ck and stuff? They’re allowed on BlogClan, but are they allowed here?

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