Message from the Wildlife Team

Hey y’all, Thistle and the rest of the Wildlife team here. So, you may have heard that we’ve been dealing with spam. We’ve been dealing with it for a while now and it’s really starting to get on our nerves. So we are gonna be blocking anyone and everyone who spams on the Wildlife site. Most of the spam hasn’t been really affecting the site because of the moderation system, so all our members can keep creating and replying to comments as usual. Just a reminder to everyone that spammers will be blocked, and if you are one of those spamming, please stop, it’s not funny at all, and we will block you. Thank you for reading this message and have a good rest of your day.

~ The BlogClan Wildlife Team


    1. sorry for the late response but spammers have been spamming the site for about more then 5 weeks now .

    2. its not noticeable because the moderation system makes the mods check it out and confirm it and then we feed it to the spam monster named Philip . yeah I’m feeling speedy this morning . I get a email if a comment comes through so I can zoom over and check it out and hope its not spam

      oh wait this is a bad comment to put under a non-spamming one lol
      also Phillip is more cooparitive then the BlogClan spam monster huh?

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