Allegiances Chat Page

This is the same page as the allegiances chat page, but we chat about BlogClan’s wildlife, what should become endangered, least concern, etc.

Below text written by Raven edited by Thistle and Sandy

Active kits:Β Moonkit, Hollykit.Β 2Β (Critically endangered.)

Active apprentices: Birchfoot, Shadowpaw, Crystalpaw, Ravenpaw, Sweetpaw, Moonpaw, Sandpaw, Cloudypaw, Muffinpaw, Lapispaw, Frostpaw, Littlepaw, Honeypaw, Dreampaw, Wishpaw, Brackenpaw, Lunapaw, Starpaw, Bluebellpaw, Blossompaw, Smokepaw, Pastelpaw, Brightpaw, Darkpaw, Cheetahpaw, Pebblepaw, Cherrypaw, Forestpaw, Cinnamonpaw, Cedarpaw, Shadowpaw, Silverpaw, Jasminepaw, Gingerpaw, Lifepaw. 36 (There are many and there will always be many.)

Active warriors: Snowbreeze, Badgerflight, Asterstorm, Eaglefrost, Shadefrost, Spidersong, Viperfrost, Duskthorn, Hootsnout, Foxtail, Rainshine, Cheetahspark, Thistletooth, Fallenshadows, Shiverfur, Laurelcloud, Emberblaze, Tigerfall, Rushfire, Rosefur, Hazelholly, Pineblossom, Snowpuff, Goldenfawn. 24 (A lot, but many are not as active as the apprentices.)

Active senior warriors: Emberdawn, Iceflower, Lionfire, Kat, Swanfeather, Wavesplash, Juniperdew, Bramblefire, Winterwhisper, Mapledrift, Willowstep. 11 (Not very many, but they’re pretty active.)

Active elders: none. 0 (As extinct as the kits. Rip.)


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