Wildlife Hugs

We all need hugs. Remember that you are not alone. <3


  1. First comment!

    Also just a repost from the blog:

    To everyone who really needs some hugs, and even if you don’t:

    Remember that you are stronger
    more loved
    more accepted
    more supported
    more creative
    more popular
    more hard working
    a better person
    just more than you think you are.

    Keep that in mind, and remember that if 1 person doesn’t accept you, 10 more probably do. You have more supporters than haters. Don’t give up!

  2. Hmmmmmmm, I feel weird sharing my problems here cause you guys know me as happy-go-lucky-and-makes-dad-jokes. It’s just that I’m having trouble with my gender identity. I was born female, but I believe I may be a trans male. I think I’m experiencing gender dysphoria (I think that how you spell it). I’m uncomfortable in my body. I always hung out with boys, and was never really a girly girl. I rarely use makeup, and was never one who liked going to the bathroom in packs. I also feel more comfortable in short hair. I’m just going through a rough bit of discovering who I am. I kinda need some advice. I’ll get myself sorted out eventually, but could you guys be calling me by he/him/his pronouns for the time being?

    1. We sure can! and don’t worry lots of people are going through this and we’ll support you no matter what πŸ™‚

    2. Of course Dappy! We’ll accept and help you no matter what, even if you are a crooked toothed shark or something πŸ˜›

  3. I’m back . I’m sick right now and i don’t feel good . Can I have some hugs. The reason why I was inactive was because my laptop was taken away and my old phone broke . My new phone works fine and I can mod with it so I’ll be opening the chat soon.

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