Wildlife Tavern 3

*pushes through the mod realm* Oh hi there I didn’t see you. Because the old tavern was getting a bit full here’s a new one to join the others. Pull up a chair and relax.


    1. ayyyyy BROOOMS
      lol i don’t blame you
      we’ve been doing pretty good besides the spam, wbu?

  1. For those who don’t know, comments aren’t going to be modded for a while. There’s something wrong with the dashboard- it’s not working right now due to a plugin error. We would appreciate your patience as we work to fix it. Thanks, y’all C:
    kjhgfdfghj that was so formal and then i stick a ‘y’all’ in there it’s so out of place lol

    1. What Shadow said. Thank you for your patience over the last several days. other note that it may take awhile to fix itπŸ˜“ so its on me since i’m the one who was testing the plug in. So I’m very sorry about it. also it totally wasn’t something for siggies. my plan was to try to get siggies for wildlife but that didn’t work out. sorry about this everyone

    2. so we still can’t figure out how to fix the dashboard, and there are a freaking 52 comments unmodded. most of them are likely spam, and putting the discord link here might not be the best idea, but we want to let you guys be able to talk, so here’s the link:
      WARNING: Majority of the spammers are probably bots, but if you’re here and spam on the discord, we will ban you without hesitation.

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